WFH during COVID lockdown

This was my “home office” when COVID lockdown started and Apply Digital‘s physical office was closed.

I took this photo to remind myself of that moment in time and to remember that I am one of the very lucky, privileged people during this pandemic.

First, I have a supporting partner who is able and willing to take care of our two little ones so I can fully focus on my work during the day. When daycare and even playgrounds were closed, our kids still followed a healthy routine that helped them thrive.

Second, I live in a home that has a spare room to work from — a bathroom is still a room! It gives me the quiet and privacy I need, and I never have to worry about the kids crashing my Zoom calls. My productivity has not been impacted at all, and when the kids are out of the house I can easily work from any room.

Last but not least, I have a job! Millions of people lost their jobs due to coronavirus, and not only do I still have a job, I can work from anywhere and am paid well so I can provide for my family.

But I know what you are really wondering: did I sit backward on the toilet? Yes.

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Law school drop-out, ex-digital agency owner, mom of two. I blogged about entrepreneurship, service businesses, career growth and parenting on

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