In defence of timesheets

Do you fill out timesheets? I do. 🤐

I know a lot of people hate them but I want to defend timesheets. Hear me out.

When my personal trainer told me to log my food intake, I did it reluctantly. It wasn’t hard, I just thought it was tedious and not useful, kind of like timesheets.

After a few weeks, I was amazed by how much the tracking helped me eat better. I became more mindful about my choices – oh my goodness this is my THIRD bubble tea of the week?!

Same thing at work. It’s easy to get busy and end up wondering “what did I even do?” by Friday if we go on auto-pilot. I know I wouldn’t know whether I am spending time on the right things if I didn’t track.

Another benefit of tracking time is that we get better with estimates and planning. When you do something the second time you should have a rough idea of how long it’s gonna take – if you have the data.

In fact, coming up with a defensible estimate quickly and confidently makes you look like a Ninja.

If you hate timesheets because you find them laborious, try this hack: I plan my day by putting tasks into the calendar as events, so my time tracking app does all the entries via syncing.

Bonus: you go to fewer meetings and get more work done (or finally have time to eat).

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