Celebrating 5 Years in Canada

I am celebrating 5 years in Canada and 4 years as an employee at Apply Digital in January.

Looking back on these first years living and working as a new immigrant, I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky and grateful. This country has welcomed me since day one. Despite my lack of professional experience in North America, I was able to get a job in the same industry and work with some really smart, fun and kind people every day.

Thanks Apply Digital for taking a chance on me and other newcomers. I believe our diverse culture is one of our competitive advantages. We come from all over the world and bring different lenses of experiences and knowledge, making our team stronger and more creative.

I dearly miss those pre-COVID days when we celebrated different cultures’ traditions throughout the year. From Indian sweet treats to Canadian summer BBQ, from French cheese tastings to Chinese New Year puddings … our PeopleOps team is the best! Kudos to Daniella VarelaMichael GaaEvangeline Rotondi (She/Her) and Colleen Bin!

I hope we can do those things again next year. Until then, “Virtual Lunch over Zoom” will have to do. 🙏

Published by belle

Law school drop-out, ex-digital agency owner, mom of two. I blogged about entrepreneurship, service businesses, career growth and parenting on belleliu.com.

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