Compete on the enchantment

Ron Baker writes about the Japanese concept of “Atarimae hinshitsu” – taken-for-granted quality. Things should work as they are supposed to. I’m also learning about “Miryoku teki hinshitsu” – enchanting quality. Things that have an aesthetic quality that is different from its functional quality. When someone says they want a “quality” product or service, I assumeContinue reading “Compete on the enchantment”

Building Trust is More Important Than Building Your Portfolio

According to relationship expert John Gottman, it takes five positive interactions (aka “deposits”) to make up for one negative interaction. Gottman was referring to romantic relationships, but the same holds true for professional ones. Do you build trust at work by making “deposits” regularly? Or do you think having an amazing portfolio and doing great workContinue reading “Building Trust is More Important Than Building Your Portfolio”

Selling works best when you are not selling

I was reading “12 Timeless Principles of Selling” by Josh Braun and “Principle 5: Don’t Chase Cats” reminded me of a prospect meeting I had while running my digital agency. A cold enquiry came from a prospect in an industry in which we had no experience. I was convinced that the meet up would be a timeContinue reading “Selling works best when you are not selling”

Putting a Price on What You Do

In my last article, Your Clients Will Thank You for Charging More, I talked about creative professionals who price work based on their “costs” to produce it, not on their value, which leads to underpricing and a ton of problems. But what is the right price to charge? How do you figure out your value? LetContinue reading “Putting a Price on What You Do”

Your Clients Will Thank You for Charging More

I started my career in the creative service industry 20+ years ago, and I’ve heard everyone from freelancers to agency owners sigh about the same things over and over: “I should just get a job somewhere because my income can’t cover my living costs” “I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and burning out.”Continue reading “Your Clients Will Thank You for Charging More”

Why I Don’t Miss Being a Boss

“Delivery for B. Liu?” “Yep, that’s me. You can bring it up.” Five minutes later, two guys were shuffling down the office’s hallway carrying an enormous package: my brand-new, high-tech, full-body massage chair, which I planned to keep in the office until I moved to a bigger house in a few months. As they crammedContinue reading “Why I Don’t Miss Being a Boss”