The best perk you could give to your employees

I don’t believe that the “customer is always right”. In my previous life as an agency owner, I did something unconventional. I gave each team member a “vote” to decide if a client should be fired. If everyone voted unanimously, that client would be let go. No ifs or buts. Bob Sutton, author of “GoodContinue reading “The best perk you could give to your employees”

How do you talk about what you do?

Ask yourself – what are you getting paid for? We usually focus on describing what we do vs. the value our customers receive. Example 1:What we do: 24×7 website supportValue to customer: protecting your investment Example 2:What we do: graphic designValue to customer: differentiating your brand from competitors Example 3:What we do: career coachingValue toContinue reading “How do you talk about what you do?”

Celebrating 5 Years in Canada

I am celebrating 5 years in Canada and 4 years as an employee at Apply Digital in January. Looking back on these first years living and working as a new immigrant, I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky and grateful. This country has welcomed me since day one. Despite my lack of professional experience in North America,Continue reading “Celebrating 5 Years in Canada”

What makes a great job interview?

What makes a great job interview? For me, a good marker is that both the candidate and interviewer feel energized, not drained, when it’s over. To do that, I focus on creating a natural dialogue and getting candidates to share their values and personality as much as possible. Here are the 3 interview questions IContinue reading “What makes a great job interview?”