Selling works best when you are not selling

I was reading “12 Timeless Principles of Selling” by Josh Braun and “Principle 5: Don’t Chase Cats” reminded me of a prospect meeting I had while running my digital agency. A cold enquiry came from a prospect in an industry in which we had no experience. I was convinced that the meet up would be a timeContinue reading “Selling works best when you are not selling”

Delivering Happiness – RIP Tony Hsieh

These past few days I can’t stop thinking about Tony Hsieh. I got his book “Delivering Happiness” as a birthday present from my fellow entrepreneur Greg Sung exactly 10 years ago. It is one of the few physical books I still keep after moving onto Kindle. I displayed it on my bookshelf for years to remind myselfContinue reading “Delivering Happiness – RIP Tony Hsieh”

Why I Don’t Miss Being a Boss

“Delivery for B. Liu?” “Yep, that’s me. You can bring it up.” Five minutes later, two guys were shuffling down the office’s hallway carrying an enormous package: my brand-new, high-tech, full-body massage chair, which I planned to keep in the office until I moved to a bigger house in a few months. As they crammedContinue reading “Why I Don’t Miss Being a Boss”