Opportunity Cost

I hated Economics when I was in high school, but somehow I learned one thing that has influenced my daily life ever since. Opportunity Cost: What am I NOT doing if I do this? In the book “Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done”, Charlie Gilkey expanded on this concept: ✅ Everything you do *displaces*Continue reading “Opportunity Cost”

The best perk you could give to your employees

I don’t believe that the “customer is always right”. In my previous life as an agency owner, I did something unconventional. I gave each team member a “vote” to decide if a client should be fired. If everyone voted unanimously, that client would be let go. No ifs or buts. Bob Sutton, author of “GoodContinue reading “The best perk you could give to your employees”

Selling works best when you are not selling

I was reading “12 Timeless Principles of Selling” by Josh Braun and “Principle 5: Don’t Chase Cats” reminded me of a prospect meeting I had while running my digital agency. A cold enquiry came from a prospect in an industry in which we had no experience. I was convinced that the meet up would be a timeContinue reading “Selling works best when you are not selling”

Delivering Happiness – RIP Tony Hsieh

These past few days I can’t stop thinking about Tony Hsieh. I got his book “Delivering Happiness” as a birthday present from my fellow entrepreneur Greg Sung exactly 10 years ago. It is one of the few physical books I still keep after moving onto Kindle. I displayed it on my bookshelf for years to remind myselfContinue reading “Delivering Happiness – RIP Tony Hsieh”

Why I Don’t Miss Being a Boss

“Delivery for B. Liu?” “Yep, that’s me. You can bring it up.” Five minutes later, two guys were shuffling down the office’s hallway carrying an enormous package: my brand-new, high-tech, full-body massage chair, which I planned to keep in the office until I moved to a bigger house in a few months. As they crammedContinue reading “Why I Don’t Miss Being a Boss”