Ask this one question to prioritize sales effort

“If you had to pick two, which are most important for this engagement?” Quality Scope Time Price I used to ask every early-stage prospect that exact question. ❌ I turned down anyone who said “I can’t pick two, everything is important” (without irony). Those were the perfect “clients from hell” in the making. ❌ I’dContinue reading “Ask this one question to prioritize sales effort”

Stop doing 50/50 payment schedule

50/50 payment schedules used to stress me out so I stopped doing them. In the creative field, “complete” is always subjective because there are seemingly endless ways to explore further. The pressure to accommodate extra requests towards the end in order to get paid made me realize there had to be a better way. IContinue reading “Stop doing 50/50 payment schedule”

Pricing on Purpose

“Costs do not determine price, rather, price determines costs and value determines price.” I have been reading “Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value” by Ron Baker, and it really resonates with me. Having worked in the creative service industry my entire professional life, I also strongly believe in value pricing. I love how Baker focusesContinue reading “Pricing on Purpose”

Your Clients Will Thank You for Charging More

I started my career in the creative service industry 20+ years ago, and I’ve heard everyone from freelancers to agency owners sigh about the same things over and over: “I should just get a job somewhere because my income can’t cover my living costs” “I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and burning out.”Continue reading “Your Clients Will Thank You for Charging More”