WFH during COVID lockdown

This was my “home office” when COVID lockdown started and Apply Digital‘s physical office was closed. I took this photo to remind myself of that moment in time and to remember that I am one of the very lucky, privileged people during this pandemic. First, I have a supporting partner who is able and willing toContinue reading “WFH during COVID lockdown”

Incentivizing referrals with money is awkward

There’s something awkward about incentivizing referrals with money. I can’t help but cringe every time I see someone offering or asking for a referral fee. The first time, also the last time, I was involved in a referral arrangement was 11 years ago. An organizer of a popular industry event offered to refer new businessesContinue reading “Incentivizing referrals with money is awkward”

What would you change if you owned the company?

What would YOU change if you owned the company? It’s a question I asked MailChimp employees sitting on stage in front of a large crowd at an industry event back in February. The awkward silence that followed let me know I had maybe crashed the party, but I wasn’t sorry – it’s an important question.Continue reading “What would you change if you owned the company?”