What would you change if you owned the company?

What would YOU change if you owned the company?

It’s a question I asked MailChimp employees sitting on stage in front of a large crowd at an industry event back in February.

The awkward silence that followed let me know I had maybe crashed the party, but I wasn’t sorry – it’s an important question.

In my previous life as a business owner, I found that employees with an “Owner’s Mindset” tend to be more loyal, positive and productive.

They challenge decisions, initiate meaningful change, and they’re not shy about sharing their opinion – even, and especially, with the owner.

Next time you have a chance to talk to the owner or CEO, don’t waste the opportunity. Your voice matters. In fact, front-line employees can often tell what’s working and not within a business before the higher-ups can.

A good leader always listens and responds. It may surprise you how much they value having you acting in the company’s best interest.

What do you think? Is it always a good idea to share your opinion?

Published by belle

Law school drop-out, ex-digital agency owner, mom of two. I blogged about entrepreneurship, service businesses, career growth and parenting on belleliu.com.

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