Delivering Happiness – RIP Tony Hsieh

These past few days I can’t stop thinking about Tony Hsieh. I got his book “Delivering Happiness” as a birthday present from my fellow entrepreneur Greg Sung exactly 10 years ago.

It is one of the few physical books I still keep after moving onto Kindle. I displayed it on my bookshelf for years to remind myself of the kind of business I wanted to run: Profits + Passion + Purpose.

Tony’s mission of delivering happiness in everything he does, focus on building loyal, meaningful relationships, his generosity, kindness and quirkiness … has inspired a whole generation of entrepreneurs around the world.

One thing I never forget is the “Do Not Click Here” link at the Zappos website footer. Every time I would look for it, click it and just happily get rick-rolled again.

Thank you Tony for all the happiness you brought to this world!

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